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Woodstock II
Woodstock 2 album cover.jpg
Album cover of Woodstock II (CD issue)
Released July 12, 1971
Length 85:08
Label Atlantic
Producer Glyn Johns
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Series Chronology
Woodstock I
Woodstock II
Woodstock - Three Days of Peace and Music

This is the second album of the series adding a few songs from the festival after the success of Woodstock I. It was released as a double LP and re-released on August 12, 1994 on CD. The CD issue was remastered and again split onto two discs.

The tracks from this album as well as tracks from Woodstock I and additional bonus material made it onto the box set Woodstock - Three Days of Peace and Music (1994).

Recording Notes[]

The following two songs on this compilation weren't recorded in Woodstock at all: "Blood Of The Sun" and "Theme for an Imaginary Western", both from Mountain[1]. Despite guitarist Leslie West, bassist Felix Pappalardi, and drummer N.D. Smart have claiming that the recordings are authentic, one can easily note the difference in the recordings. Their original versions can be found on the 38-CD box set Woodstock - Back To The Garden

Track Listing[]

Disc 1
# Title Artist Length
1. "Jam Back at the House" Jimi Hendrix 7:28
2. "Izabella" Jimi Hendrix 5:04
3. "Get My Heart Back Together" Jimi Hendrix 8:02
4. "Saturday Afternoon/Won't You Try" Jefferson Airplane 5:54
5. "Eskimo Blue Day" Jefferson Airplane 6:22
6. "Everything's Gonna Be All Right" Paul Butterfield Blues Band 8:36

Disc 2
# Title Artist Length
1. "Sweet Sir Galahad" Joan Baez 3:58
2. "Guinnevere" Crosby, Stills & Nash 5:20
3. "4 + 20" Crosby, Stills & Nash 2:23
4. "Marrakesh Express" Crosby, Stills & Nash 2:32
5. "Beautiful People" Melanie Safka 3:45
6. "Birthday of the Sun" Melanie Safka 3:21
7. "Blood of the Sun" (not recorded at Woodstock) Mountain 3:35
8. "Theme for an Imaginary Western" (not recorded at Woodstock) Mountain 5:03
9. "Woodstock Boogie" Canned Heat 12:55
10. "Let the Sunshine in" (performed by the audience after the rain on the third day (Sunday)) crowd 0:50


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