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Woodstock - Back to the Garden
Woodstock Back to the Garden cover.jpg
Album cover of Woodstock - Back to the Garden (50th Anniversary Edition)
Released August 2, 2019
Label Atlantic
Producer Brian Kehew, Steve Woolard, Andy Zax

50 years after the festival took place Rhino Records released an 38 CD collection entitled Woodstock – Back to the Garden: The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive. It contains almost all songs from the artists who performed at Woodstock including stage announcements and other audio material.

It additionally contains a hardcover book by Michael Lang, as well as the director's cut Woodstock film and additional items in a wooden box.

Songs not included[]

Due to legal reasons the two Jimi Hendrix songs "Mastermind" and "Gypsy Woman", both sung by rhythm guitarist Larry Lee, are not included.

Sha Na Na's "Teenager in Love" is not included because it was not captured on tape - the only song that's missing due to this circumstance.

Other configurations[]

Beside the 38 CD edition there are two other configurations:

  • Woodstock – Back To The Garden: 50th Anniversary Experience: 10 CDs with 162 selected tracks
  • Woodstock – Back To The Garden: 50th Anniversary Collection: 3 CDs or 5 LPs with 42 selected tracks