Woodstock Wiki

In my quest to obtain the signatures of as many living musicians who played Woodstock as possible, I compiled a list and then researched where I can find them.

I found Mr. Lipsius's website http://www.fredlipsius.com/ and discovered that he was a teacher at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. I sent him an e-mail through his website when I knew that I was going to be in Boston asking if I could obtain his autograph. He told me that I should meet him at his office on campus. I went to his office and met him between private lessons with tomorrow's future sax stars.

I showed him the poster and I don't believe that he ever saw it. He asked to show me where either he or Blood, Sweat, and Tears ("BST") were mentioned, which I did. He signed it and told me Woodstock was just another gig for BST. The band was on its way to Boston for a gig. He also told me Woodstock was the worst gig that BST ever played. It was raining and David Clayton-Thomas sang off key (something that Mr. Lipsius claimed Mr. Clayton-Thomas never did). They didn't want to be filmed because of the rain and the bad performance (which is why BST are not in the movie). I told him that I believed that they were filmed and/or recorded because I've heard of bootlegs. He wanted to know where I was from, I told him NY. He told me that he was from the Bronx (which I knew) - I mentioned that I thought all of BST was from NY (originally). He disavowed that stating that Chuck Winfield was from Texas. He seemed amazed that I traveled from NY to meet him. He still talks to his former bandmates, he mentioned that he spoke to Lew Soloff last week. He then told me that he had a lesson. However, as I was leaving - I found Mr. lipsius in the hall and asked me to show the poster to two of his colleagues. He seemed pretty jazzed then excused himself to go teach. He was a great guy!!!

This brings the poster signature total to 10 (7 obtained - 3 purchased)