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Tim Hardin
Tim Hardin04.jpg
Tim Hardin on stage at Woodstock
Performed on Day 1
Started at 8.30 pm, Friday, 15th
Played for 65 min.
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Festival Day Chronology
Prev. artist Bert Sommer at 7.35 pm
Next artist Ravi Shankar at 12.00 am

Tim Hardin played his one hour set at about 8.30 pm on Friday, 15th. It was already dark. Originally he was scheduled earlier but the effects of drugs kept him down till sundown. Right after his gig it started to rain.


  • Tim Hardin - vocals, guitar, piano
  • Richard Bock - cello
  • Steve "Muruga" Booker - drums
  • Gilles Malkine - guitar
  • Glen Moore - bass
  • Ralph Towner - guitar, piano
  • Bill Chelf - piano


  1. (How Can We) Hang on to a Dream?
  2. Once-Touched By Flame
  3. If I Were a Carpenter
  4. Reason to Believe
  5. You Upset the Grace of Living When You Lie
  6. Speak Like a Child
  7. Snow White Lady
  8. Blues on My Ceiling
  9. Simple Song of Freedom
  10. Misty Roses


Since his early days of his career Tim Hardin was addicted to heroin. The fact that he was stoned made it hard for the other musicians to follow, reported by his drummer Steve Booker[1]. However, Gilles Malkine[2] states that Tim Hardin only acted stoned because he did not want to perform first, as he was overwhelmed by the immensity of the event.


Four songs of Tim Hardin's performance have been released: "Hang on to a Dream ", "If I Were a Carpenter" played by Tim Hardin alone, "Simple Song of Freedom", as well as "Misty Roses". The only song to be released on video so far is his solo performance of "If I Were A Carpenter."





Although those of us who were actually at Woodstock or on their way trapped on the rural road into the site do not remember any rain (a deluge in fact) at the Woodstock site until after Joe Cocker's memorable set on the following Sunday afternoon. Yes, there was a light sprinkle early Saturday morning as I lie in my sleeping bag on my buddy's Chevy trunk lid. But you really could not say it rained and this was early Saturday at sunrise. The chronology of Woodstock events has been disrupted in many books and web sites. Those who were not there will tell you exactly when things happened, and those of us who were there and not high on intoxicants - yes a decent minority of the festival goers - just shrug and pass these misrepresentations off as youthful and historical folderol. The reference above about poor Tim's inebriated performance at the Festival is sad and apparently true as proved by the lone grainy YouTube clip of his performance at this historic music festival. He had a great voice and impactive song delivery for a while back then. So it goes....


^ High or not, Tim's performance was beautiful.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bN9V0b0df0s


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