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The Kids Are Alright
The Kids Are Alright (poster).jpg
Poster of The Who's The Kids Are Alright movie
Directed by Jeff Stein
Produced by Bill Curbishley, Tony Klinger
Edited by Ed Rothkowitz
Released June 15, 1979 (original)
Running Time 101 min. (original), 109 min. (Deluxe Edition)

The Kids Are Alright is a fantastic documentation of the original The Who line-up, starting at the mid '60ies until drummer Keith Moon's death in 1978. The movie is based upon private video collections from director Jeff Stein which were edited together to make a whole. Of course, Woodstock material is also included: "Sparks", "Pinball Wizard" and "See Me, Feel Me". The Deluxe Edition doesn't add new festival material.

According to Wikipedia the backing vocals on the Woodstock tracks were overdubbed[1].