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Quill at Woodstock
Performed on Day 2
Started at 12.15 pm, Saturday, 16th
Played for 45 min.
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Prev. artist start of day 2
Next artist Country Joe McDonald at 1.00 pm

Quill was the first band on the second day, Saturday, the 16th. They started ca. at 12:15 pm. Quill gained popularity in New England and New York and played numerous smaller clubs in that area. However, the quintet's blend of Hard Rock and Psychedelic Jazz-Rock didn't reach a wide audience like other acts they shared the stage with.

A technical recording problem (no film sync track) made it impossible for the band to be in the Woodstock movie and their label, Cotillion Records (Atlantic), refused to promote the band. One album was released, "Quill" which gained little attention at the time since it was not actively promoted.


  • Jon Cole - bass, percussion and vocals
  • Dan Cole - vocals, trombone and percussion
  • Roger North - drums and percussion
  • Norman Rogers - guitar, percussion, vocals
  • Phil Thayer - keyboard, saxophone, flute, percussion


  1. They Live the Life
  2. That's How I Eat
  3. Driftin'
  4. Waiting for You


Roger North, the drummer of Quill, said that they played for 40 minutes[1]. This is supported by Jon Cole, who has the actual recordings.

Many Woodstock set list sources mistakenly identify the song "That's How I Eat" (as listed on their sole album The Quill (1970)) as "BBY".

"Waiting for You" is a song which incorporates the audience. Quill used to hand out various percussion instruments so everybody could join the music. This may have worked at smaller venues but failed at a 500,000 people crowd at Woodstock.


Before the 2019's box set Woodstock - Back to the Garden the songs of Quill were merely a patchwork of different sources including audience tapes, Woodstock Diaries and the 2009 box set Woodstock: 40 Years On: Back to Yasgur's Farm. Also a few seconds from three different 8mm films are in circulation.



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