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Johnny Winter
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Johnny Winter at Woodstock
Performed on Day 3
Started at 12.00 am, Sunday, 17th
Played for 65 min.
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Festival Day Chronology
Prev. artist The Band at 10:00 pm
Next artist Blood, Sweat & Tears at 1:30 am

Johnny Winter is a Blues legend from Texas. He played at Woodstock at midnight on the night of Sunday to Monday (17th to 18th).


  • Johnny Winter - vocals, guitar
  • Edgar Winter - keyboards, alto saxophone, vocals
  • Tommy Shannon - bass
  • "Uncle" John Turner - drums


  1. Mama, Talk to Your Daughter
  2. Leland Mississippi Blues
  3. Mean Town Blues
  4. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now > Mean Mistreater
  5. I Can't Stand It (with Edgar Winter)
  6. Tobacco Road (with Edgar Winter)
  7. Tell the Truth (with Edgar Winter)
  8. Johnny B. Goode


The setlist given in the book The Road to Woodstock[1] as well as the track labeling on Johnny Winter's Johnny Winter (The Woodstock Experience) album is inaccurate. The setlist above is correct.

Johnny Winter played an electrifying 65 minute set of his signature electric blues highlighted by slide guitar amd amazing solos. "Leland Mississippi Blues", "Mean Mistreater" and the amazing "Mean Town Blues" (probably the highlight of the show) are compositions from his first two albums. The rest are cover versions from well-known Blues and Rock 'n' Roll artists: a lengthy but never boring version of B. B. King's "You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now", a wonderful "I Can't Stand It" (Bo Diddley) or the Chuck Berry classic "Johnny B. Goode" as the encore. Generally all of his performed songs are very strong and dominated by Winter's immense guitar skills. It is questionable if the audience could grasp this music at this midnightly hour (Johnny Winter started around 12:00 am) but in retrospective it is for sure a very fine concert.

"I Can't Stand It", "Tobacco Road" and "Tell The Truth" are performed with Johnny Winter's brother Edgar on keyboards and alto sax. This adds some more depth to the band's repertoire and shifts the music into a more jazzy direction. Edgar sings lead on "Tobacco Road".


The Woodstock 25th Anniversary box set contains only one track: "Mean Town Blues", which is edited. Also a video of that song can be found on Woodstock Diaries, also edited. Johnny Winter (The Woodstock Experience), a re-issue of Johnny Winter's debut album from 1969, contains a bonus disc with his entire nine songs (which are eight tracks on the CD) recorded at Woodstock.




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