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John B. Sebastian
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John B. Sebastian solo performance at Woodstock
Performed on Day 2
Started at 3.30 pm, Saturday, 16th
Played for 25 min.
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Festival Day Chronology
Prev. artist Santana at 2.00 pm
Next artist Keef Hartley Band at 4:45 pm

After John B. Sebastian's band The Lovin' Spoonful disbanded, he continued on solo ways. Luckily for the people he also played at Woodstock a five song set. Originally he wasn't scheduled[1] but he was probably the best "filler" that Woodstock had. During his act Sebastian was under the influence of marijuana, hence his spontaneity and casual, unplanned set. "By the time I got to Woodstock I remained a pot smoker, but there was a natural high there," says Sebastian.

He appeared on stage on Saturday, the 2nd day of Woodstock, at about 3:30 pm.


  • John Sebastian - guitar, vocals


  1. How Have You Been
  2. Rainbows All Over Your Blues
  3. I Had A Dream
  4. Darlin' Be Home Soon
  5. Younger Generation


Mellow set of five songs, interpreted heartily and playful with a right sense of humour.

Before the encore "Younger Generation", John Sebastian made this funny comment: "Just love everybody all around ya and clean up a little garbage on your way out and everything gonna be alright."


Gentle, caring John Sebastian suggested to the crowd that if anybody was concerned about the brown acid, perhaps they should take only half a hit. Not sure if this is accurate as Hugh Romney (Wavy Gravy) makes the suggestion of taking half during his "Bum Trips" announcement.


The three disc box set Faithful Virtue: The Reprise Recordings from John Sebastian includes the whole Woodstock performance in superior quality.