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Arlo Guthrie
Arlo Guthrie.jpg
Arlo Guthrie at Woodstock
Performed on Day 1
Started at 1.45 am, Saturday, 16th
Played for 40 min.
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Festival Day Chronology
Prev. artist Melanie Safka at 1.00 am
Next artist Joan Baez at 3.00 am

The son of legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, started Saturday morning at 1:45 am. He was evidently on drugs during his performance. It was still raining, parts of the stage were wet. Luckily the musicians and the sound systems were protected.


  • Arlo Guthrie - guitar, vocals
  • Bob Arkin - bass
  • Paul Motian - drums
  • John Pilla - guitar


  1. Coming into Los Angeles
  2. Wheel of Fortune
  3. Walkin' Down the Line
  4. The Story of Moses
  5. Oh Mary, Don't You Weep
  6. Every Hand in the Land
  7. Amazing Grace


"Coming into Los Angeles", written by Arlo Guthrie, was a strong song but the rest of his short set vanished into a buzz of psychedelia. Before he played the humorously interpreted Bob Dylan cover "Walking Down the Line" he made the announcement "New York State throughway is closed, man" followed by "Lotta freaks!".

Arlo told a very funny story about Moses and the Brownies. In essence the story related how Moses and the freed Israelites, during their exodus from Egypt, ate the manna (acid brownies) from heaven allowing them to walk across the Red Sea, rather than walking along the sea bed after it was parted.


"The Story of Moses" and "Oh Mary, Don't You Weep" are available on an audience tape. The full set can be found on 2019's Woodstock - Back to the Garden. "Amazing Grace" is available on a film outtake. See the audio and video releases below for more details.